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  • Hemlock Healers is an official contractor for the U.S. National Park ServiceSystemic Treatments and Organic Foliar Treatments Offered
  • Forest Insect and Disease Control
  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Pruning and Hedge Pruning
  • Invasive Plant Control
  • Plantings
  • Read Frank Varvoutis' article - What is killing my Hemlocks?Exotic Plants
  • Consultation
  • Stump Grinding
  • Deep Root Nutrient Additive and Fertilization
  • Soil Enhancements

What is happening to our Hemlocks?

Our Hemlock trees are being ravaged by an invasive insect infestation, the Woolly Adelgid. A native of Japan and China, the Woolly Adelgid was originally detected in the Western United States in 1924. In 2001, it was found to have infested Hemlocks in Western North Carolina in the Pisgah and Nantahala National Forests. In 2002 it was discovered in the Great Smoky Mountains National Forest.

Woolly Adelgid infestation before Hemlock Healers treatmentHow do I know if my Hemlock is infested by the Woolly Adelgid?

The woolly adelgid is an aphid-like insect you can barely see with the naked eye. What you can see that indicates that the wooly adelgid is present is a white, waxy, "wool" covering over the adelgid at the base of the needles on a branch of a Hemlock tree. The image at right shows the dramatic effect of a woolly adelgid infestation. Notice the white, cottony tuffs at the base of the Hemlock needles. Inside this egg sack resides the insect itself.

The woolly adelgid feeds on the sap at the base of the hemlock needles thereby restricting the nutrients from the foliage and inevitably causes the hemlock needles to change from deep green to a grayish green. The needles then eventually fall off. Without needles the tree eventually starves to death about 3-5 years after the initial attack. Without treatment the tree will die of starvation.

After Hemlock Healers treatmentHemlock Healers can save your trees.

We offer two types of systemic treatments and also an organic foliar treatment that will target the wooly adelgid. The treatments include a monitoring program. Hemlock Healers will return to the property after six months and inspect the trees for overall health and the progress of the treatment. The image at right shows the effectiveness of our treatment. It will take approximately six months for the treatment to be fully effective. Treatments can be applied by spraying and by direct soil treatment. Direct soil treatment, by far the most effective, can have a residual effect of up to five years.

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Hemlock Healers is dedicated to saving our Hemlocks and preserving our natural environment.

Hemlock Healers, Inc. provides arboriculture services for individual residences as well as commercial locations. We are licensed and fully insured. Our goal is to provide professional, high quality services to protect the beauty and health of your trees and foliage so that you may enjoy them for years to come.

If you suspect your Hemlocks are infested by the woolly adelgid or you are in need of other arboriculture services, call Hemlock Healers today. We are dedicated to our work. We can save your Hemlocks.

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